Amplified #8: Connecting with mentors can change the trajectory of your career, with Techsploration & EnPoint

January 2021

Join me for this ultra-inspiring conversation with Emily Boucher, Interim Executive Director of Techsploration and Chantal Brine, CEO of EnPoint.

Emily and Chantal both share personal stories of how mentorship has transformed both their careers and lives, and share how they’ve used this as fuel in their work helping connect girls and young women to women in under-represented fields to light up possibilities that may not have otherwise been considered. We all want to live whole, integrated lives and there are lots of inspiring stories in this conversation to inspire us to connect more deeply – with ourselves, our path, and people who want to help us along the way.

Mentorship lights up a spark, and those sparks will continue to light up other sparks!

Connect with Emily and Chantal on LinkedIn.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the conversation!

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