Amplified #9: Being intentional about diversity with Amplify’s curator, Liesl Harewood Mulholland

March 2021

Join me for this beautiful conversation with Liesl Harewood Mulholland. Liesl has been a LINCHPIN behind Amplify: East since its inception. She joined me to curate all of our stories not long after the project’s inception. In 2019, she wrote “I see you” to talk about her work curating stories for Amplify: East.

With a background in Law and Diplomatic Studies, Liesl is an International Trade and Development Consultant and Entrepreneur with over thirteen years practical expertise in business, gender and youth development, human rights, entrepreneurship, trade in services and trade facilitation. The ability to engage diverse individuals and communities in capitalising on and responding to change, along with effective time management skills, has prompted a demand for her consultancy expertise in both government and non-governmental organisations across the globe.

In this episode, we talk through some ideas on how we can all be more intentional about diversity.

Connect with Liesl on LinkedIn here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode!

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